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Home Built sticker almost ready to go!

Got word from the printer today that the printing process has begun on the “Home Built” stickers. Really stocked about these! Stay tuned on the facebook page and instagram for the release date. Expected release date is 9/26!

Celica RA22 shirts and hoodies

Trying out another shirt design, this time it’s the classic face of the RA22 Celica. Based on the illustration I did for my friend Brian, this graphic is available on t-shirts, v-necks, hoodies and tank tops. You can reserve your’s here – Celica Shirt Pre-Order. Just like with the g-nose Z pre order, your card will no be charged unless I reach the goal of 30 pre-orders, so please help me reach that make this shirt happen! Thank you for all the support! 77

New t-shirt and hoodie design! (Updated)

(Updated, after teespring killed my campaign claiming copyright infringement. All that sorted, the shirts are back up for grabs!)

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a new shirt, let alone anything apparel related. Looking through some of my recent work, this particular style s30 sketch jumped out at me as a contender for a shirt. So I’m trying out a new method of creating shirts with teespring. Currently the design is in the pre-order phase. The shirts/hoodies are only going to be made if 30 orders are placed, and you only get charged if that goal is reached. The design is available on a t-shirt, v-neck, tank top, hoodie and a ladies shirt as well. So let’s see what happens! You can pre order yours here! Thank you again to everyone for your continuous support and inspiration!!!!


s30 ass print up for grabs!


Now the ass shot


25% off!





a day late



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