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my lame ass attempt at some video editing..


BRE 240Z prints are ready!


RSR Aluminum print


Porsche RSR Turbo prints are up!

30 piece limited run. Snag’em up!

rsr web24782009910_e365a458f4_b25051297106_74b15b4625_b

Porsche 911 on aluminum – limited run

Here’s another aluminum print, limited to 30 pieces. No introductions needed, the form speaks for itself.


Only 30 made – available here.

Taka’s 3.1L 240Z

I’ve been following Taka’s instagram feed for quite some time and have become a fan of his 3.1L Fairlady build. All the details and choices of modifications are spot on, from the Glow Star wheels to the 3.1L stroker. Enjoy!


and of course prints are available for grabs here.24782974221_3193cbe3ec_b

Jonathan’s Victory Function EVO X

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911 prints are up!


Limited Edition S30ZG drama aluminum print

The new S30ZG Drama print is now available for pre-order on bare aluminum. A minimum of 5 pre-orders is required to get the pricing, and there’s only 2 more left to go. The print is limited to 30 pieces. It measures 24 inches wide by 8 tall. The photos really don’t do it justice because it’s hard to see the texture of the brushed aluminum shining through all the areas that would typically be white on a paper print. When the light hits it just right, the aluminum comes to life.

Available for pre-order here.


s30 drama series

Decided to give the whole side-view genre a shot. For starters here’s a couple s30’s – narrow body short nose and a flared g-nose version. Hope you guys like. Limiting prints to 20 pieces.






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