automotive art by dennis

Small world indeed.

So every so often, while browsing the all too familiar car-pron sites, i’d stumble across this one CRX that stood out above the rest. I’m sure you guys have seen it more than once.

Sid's CRX

A while back I heard from an old co-worker of mine that the photo was taken in a Ford design studio in Dearborn, and that the car actually belonged to a fellow co-worker of ours. I never pursued to find out more, really don’t know why. So a bit of time had passed, I’ve left my old job and re-located to NC and started working for a different company, doing design work. While browsing through a facebook group that was started by a friend of mine that was dedicated to the late 80’s California car culture, I stumbled across the same photo of that same CRX.. This time I had to find out for myself, since the car was like an apparition showing up every so often. I got in touch with my co-worker to confirm the rumors about the car, and to my surprise, the car’s original owner was actually now a design chief at the company I was employed with. I immediately approached him and asked about the CRX. The following story unfolded. Craftfully organized and writted by Ben Hsu of Japanese Nostalgic Car.

PROFILES: Sid Chiang’s 1986 Mugen Honda CRX Si



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