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home for the RB

You guys remember this 18th scale madness? Well homeboy Chris has finally disclosed who the recepient of this Godzilla heart is going to be.

Check it out:

“I’m surprise AA even decide to do this model of Skyline… DR30…not the most popular skyline series…heck, they didn’t even bother to make GT-R version of this! lol
However, I love DR30! Something about this 80’s goofy boxy design interests me. DR30’s known for it’s 4cyl turbo engine ,but some Japanese tuners like to put in a bit more interesting lump in that engine bay. I myself decide to put in an interesting motor… RB26 with a twist! RB26 NA with ITB set up. Body has been modified with larger wheel opening in the rear with over fenders. Watanabe style staggered wheels with stretched tires. Front bumper has been modified with custom lip spoiler. Minor interior upgrades. It sits really low and has great stance now! I would love to have this car in 1/1 scale…”

the madness doesnt stop there..

More on the DR30 and AE86.


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