automotive art by dennis

Testing the waters

Peep this! I’d like to offer some smaller scale prints in addition to what’s already available. These prints will come framed and ready to go, all you’ll have to do is push a pin into your wall, or set the print on your desk. So before I commit to a whole new print line, I’d like to test the waters a bit. I’m offering very limited quantities of some of the prints, just to gauge your guys’ interest. If they sell, it’s a GO! If not, then oh well..

So far I’ve got ONE Hakosuka print, framed up and ready to go. The print is double matted, and the frame measures 13.5×9.5 inches.

There’s also two, slightly different prints of the notorious 18R-G Toyota powerplant. These guys measure up at 7″x5.25″ framed. Only two for now! First person interested specifies which print will go first!

Keep checking back, as I’ll be adding more and more framed prints to see what you guys like.


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