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Loose canvas prints

For anyone wanting to get one of the larger canvas prints, but thinking of doing their own frame work, here’s an alternative. Any canvas print that’s available in the store, is available in loose form. Getting one of these loose canvases cuts back on processing time, shipping cost and lets you use your own frame, if that’s something that you’d prefer. If you don’t see a certain print that you’re interested in, feel free to hit me up!


mr. Pizarro’s legendary s14

Back a few years ago, when I was building my s14, Jay’s immaculate s-chassis was the epitome of perfection when it came to 240sx’s. Up to this day, I really haven’t seen many cars that ranked as high as this one did. At the time, I’ve only seen a few photos of the car online, but nothing more. A buddy of mine stopped by my desk one day and dropped a copy of Modified magazine with Jay’s car on the cover. My jaw dropped. Finally I got to see some of the intimate details that made that thing tick. I quickly realized that unless I sell my liver and kidney, I’ll never come even close to what Jay had created.

A few months later, Mr Logan hit me up asking if I was interested in doing a couple illustrations for a friend of his. Lo and behold, it turned out to be a small world indeed. Jay’s s14, among his other rides, landed on my “bumper to bumper” list.. So finally, I got a chance to sketch the thing up. Enjoy the photos from the mentioned magazine, cause I don’t think I did it any justice.

And a very big thank you to Logan, and Mike Garrett for making this happen!


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c10 in a frame

Thanks to Reid for this shot of a Hakosuka print framed up! Thank you for the support!

a few from the dirty d

Had the opportunity to hit up the North American International Auto Show last week, before it was opened up to the masses. Sadly, it was very apparent that the industry took a hit in 2010. Overall it felt like a much smaller show compared to years prior. The displays weren’t as exquisite as before. Some manufacturers have pulled out all together. Non the less, here’s a few shots from the show:

After a three year absence, Porsche returned this year to Detroit. I found it a bit annoying though that 918RSR that debuted on Monday, was gone within days. You snooze you lose i guess. I did score the 918 press release though.

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Thanks so much Alex for the stickers! Love the envelope as well, i envision a full stationary set in the future LOL!

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Thanks Kyle for the shot of the framed print! Looks great with the black border!

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