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Get your Freshhh Elbows!!

So a buddy of mine who I went to school with has taken on a pretty grandiose challenge, and it looks like it’s paying off. Adam happens to be a Z car nut just like myself, but instead of one late model Z, he’s got several original s30’s in his stable.

Adam happens to be a magician when it comes to re-creating OEM parts from scratch. Instead of me trying to blab about his project, I’ll let his words paint the picture:

“This is the first offering of Brand New Aftermarket Fresh Air Elbows for the 70-76 240z,260z,270z cars.  These parts are 100% exact reproductions of the originals that have been NLA for quite some time now.  Remanufacturing these parts was not an easy task and no expense was spared in the development.  Hardware has been upgraded to Stainless Steel and military spec plating all around.  Each part is hand assembled and inspected right here in the U.S.A for exceptional quality and precision.  Many domestic businesses where utilized from the plating to the custom machined assembly rivets.  This is what the parts should look like and the junk that is typically sold have various levels of rust, re-spray, and years of grime that has tarnished their beauty.  Fresh attachment screws, washers, and lock washers will be included with each set in case the originals are missing or re-plating is too difficult to obtain.  The attachment screws are not 100% OEM but I found a replacement that will work and can be used if necessary.  The elbows are however 100% correct and can be used without a doubt for exact period correct restorations.  There is limited quantity available at this time so don’t hesitate upgrading your classic Z car with fresh new parts today.”

If anyone’s interested in scoring a set of these fresh elbows, you can get your hands on them here, or hit just him me up, and I’ll get you in touch with him directly.


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