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Phil’s a lucky man.

Stumbled across this series of videos on youtube. Looks like Phil (no, i don’t know the bloke) got himself a pretty awesome toy! These are definitely to be enjoyed with sound on.


couldnt resist..

added another canvas to the pile-up. should be done WAY before the actual car LOL!

now in store

got some requests for a paper version of the latest Z print, so here it is! hit up the store if you’d like to snag a copy! thanks again for all of your support guys!

this blog

is awesome…

check it out, LE CONTAINER. a mix of some of the most beautiful cars, motorcycles, architecture and of course, ladies. an absolutely amazing collection of inspirational photos and links. some NSFW material – that’s a good thing. enjoy.


+1 more project added to my plate. A huge Thank You goes out to Koich for making this happen. I owe you big time!

it’s back

Version 2.0 of the original 240z canvas print returns thanks to a lot of you guys asking about the sold out version 1. This particular print is limited to 10 pieces, unlike the first one which was limited to only 5. The print measures 15.5″ tall by 48″ wide and is stretched over a wooden frame. If you’re interested in a loose canvas version (no frame, canvas roll), that is also an option. International shipping is available, please email me for a quote.

Thanks for all your requests and support guys!!

visit the store if you’d like to order a copy.

Another masterpiece

from Light & Logic Motion Pictures. Pure art. Thanks again Steve!

The Clipping Point GT-R

Most of you guys and girls are probably familiar with Leonard’s blog – The Clipping Point. Leonard owns this gorgeous white R34 GTR that’s decked out with some quality choice parts. hmmm… reminds me of another GTR I’ve soon on one of the fellow blogs..

the McLaren crypt…

quite an amazing place, if you’re into that sort of thing.

from AutoBlog