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envy – paul’s s15

Paul, you’re a lucky man to own such an amazing machine.. it just looks so right on the track.


so i’ve come to a realization that i’ll never build this kit.. i’ve had it for YEARS… just sitting there collecting dust. i took out the body and wheels just to look at them closely a few times.. if i had the time, i’d definitely keep it. but i figured i’ll never get to it. if i do build another scale kit, it’s going to be the tamiya 240z that i posted before. so i’m letting this go… whoever wants it, it’s available in the store. check it.

check out what hiroboy of did with this kit. pretty insane if you ask me. tons of custom parts and of course some incredible skills went into the constriction. check out the build here.

here it is!

A couple loyal readers have asked that I sell this illustration. I have no reason not to. So here it is! thanks to everyone for your support once again! It’s the only thing that keeps me doing this.

A little more about the illustration, since the first time I posted it, I really didn’t really explain much. It belongs to “Cars of MileMarker-1” series of illustrations/sketches. MileMarker-1 is an event that takes place in Florida, involving all sorts of high power vehicles and bikes. Unlike a traditional 1/4 mile drag, each car or bike go full out for a whole mile trying to reach the highest speed possible. It’s gotta be quite a spectacle.. check out their site for more photos and videos here.

hit me up Paul!


mr. plow returns!

one down..

yet another side project

speaking of 1/18 scale models..

holy shit!!!!!

found this amazing modded Fairlady on . Props to Yordy! Hope you dont mind me posting your amazing work here.. hit me up if you do!

i NEED to get a g-nose for the Z. BAD.