automotive art by dennis

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

So I was completely blown away when i opened a present from my wifey and saw a model of a Stratos.. We just watched an episode of Top Gear a week or so ago that featured this rally legend. I mean to have your significant other be into that show is already a rarity.. She actually went back and watched the show without me just to make sure what car it was, then hunted one down online and got it from the land of the rising sun. Wow.. I’m a lucky guy!!!


4 responses

  1. Koich

    NICE!!! I wish my wife was that detailed. You saw on my Flickr post what she gave me….

    December 29, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    • Yeah I saw that… Bummer man..

      December 29, 2009 at 7:18 pm

  2. now you’ll have to get a kyosho mini-z to make it haul ass.

    December 30, 2009 at 3:45 pm

  3. roosterfella46

    you’re a lucky guy…indeed…
    not to mention..talented…

    January 9, 2010 at 1:05 am