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xB marinated in some JCC sauce

So a little birdie told me that my boy Chris is the man behind the design of this wild xB. I have no doubt. The guy knows his oldschool JDM like no other. XB’s and scions in general never did much for me. But this thing is definitely something I’d rock as a shop car or a parts getter. F’n LOVE it!!! Down to the fender mirrors and the paint scheme. Good job 5axis and chris!!






6 responses

  1. Bob

    Those wheels are incredible. Damn.

    November 5, 2009 at 4:58 am

  2. WoW, just wow!

    November 6, 2009 at 7:49 pm

  3. they shoulda ran some “artillery shell” fender mirrors instead of those for some extra old school JDM points.

    haha, i’m just nitpicking now.

    November 12, 2009 at 10:24 am

  4. You missed the best shot of the way the back opened to reveal the DJ booth complete with “the wheels of steel” and subs pointed towards the front. It’s Lambo-door meets DJ Hero!
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    November 17, 2009 at 10:41 pm

  5. enoezam

    What make are those rims? They look kinda like Hoshino Impuls maybe? I need them in my life.

    November 30, 2009 at 8:51 am

    • dsalni

      i believe they’re 5axis one-offs, just like the wheels that were on their Lexus showcars.

      November 30, 2009 at 3:10 pm