automotive art by dennis

a rare beast

as promised, here’s a little info on this properly used Celica Alltrac. The car belongs to Don from Washington. It’s a ’93 Alltrac – 1 out of 81 brought stateside that year. As rare as it is, Don prefers to enjoy the hell out of this rare machine. Besides that, it’s far from bone stock. Don completely re-built the engine ground up, added all the proper upgrades, including water methanol injection and a CT20 50 Trim Turbo – which all adds up to near 300 whp.

well played sir!



here’s how i see it



One response

  1. edit_me

    sik celica,
    real job man!
    my father have one 2.0 sti
    real nice…

    can you email-me one copy but in red!?

    by the way my honda eg9 is almoust ready 😉

    February 12, 2009 at 9:15 am