automotive art by dennis

The first Japanese Supercar – Toyota 2000GT

Another sketch i’m working on, almost done.


it’s a bit of a mutt – a mix of a street and race prepped 2000gt.

a little history on the gem, directly from the horse’s mouth – wiki:

Toyota entered the 2000GT in competition at home, coming third in the 1966 Japanese Grand Prix and winning the Fuji 24-Hour Race in 1967. In addition, the car set several FIA world records for speed and endurance in a 72-hour test. Unfortunately, the record car was destroyed in a pace car accident and eventually scrapped. These records shortly prompted Porsche to prepare a 911R especially to beat this record.

Carroll Shelby would also enter a pair of 2000GTs to compete in the SCCA production car races competing in the CP category. Initially Shelby built three cars, including one spare, although performing well in the 1968 season, that was the only season in the US that the car competed in. Toyota took back one of the cars and rebuilt it into a replica of their record car which still resides in Japan. Nowadays the two remaining cars still reside in the United States.”

now turn up the volume

a couple inspiring shots, i used for reference, of course thanks to SpeedHunters:



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